From Aglaonema to Zamiifolia, our availability includes many varieties for your interiorscape needs. We work with growers in Hawaii to provide a premium line of lava-grown foliage intended for commercial interior markets. Please contact us for special colors on blooming rotations.

Florist and Plant Boutique

Whether you are preparing for workshops or looking for collector specimens, we carry a wide selection of popular and unique material to suit the needs of your retail space. Our Dish Garden Collection is retail-ready for your showroom, and we offer blooming plants such as Anthurium, Kalanchoe and Violets, along with seasonal Easter Lilies and Poinsettias.

Garden Center & Landscape

We offer a wide variety of houseplants from 2” pots to 14” material including Cactus, Ferns, Ficus Trees, Palms, and Succulents. In the Spring months, we include our Boston Fern line, and flowering tropicals such as Hibiscus and Mandevilla.